To support its training mission, the Academy has a wide range of facilities which include spacious and well equipped lecture rooms, conference halls, auditorium, library, mess, hostel, sports complex, dispensary, reprographic unit, bank, post office, EPABX, computer lab and lately, the LAN and the Internet.

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GymnasiumThe Academy has a sprawling sports complex with facilities for athletics, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, basketball, yoga, table-tennis, billiards among other sports. It has a modern gymnasium endowed with weight training and aerobic  fitness equipment. The Academy maintains its own stable of horses and riding is taught to trainees by instructors from the elite President's Body Guards.

In addition, training is also given in the art of self-defense, shooting, rock-climbing, archery, etc. Trainees are also taken for mandatory trekking and mountaineering expeditions as also for adventure sports like river rafting, parasailing, etc. The Academy proposes to construct an all weather temperature-regulated swimming pool in the near future.

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The Gandhi Smriti Library of the Academy has a collection of over 1.65 lakhs RFID tagged books, 5000 CD/DVDs, and receives about 300 periodicals and magazines by way of subscription, exchange and complimentary basis, 38 National and Regional newspapers and a subscription to 4 online resources. As the library is RFID enabled issue, and return is automated. Photocopy facility is available to the readers on cost basis.

The timings of the library are: 

On working days during the course : 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

 On Saturday’s, Sunday’s and holidays: 09:30 AM to 6:00 PM

 Non course duration: 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM 





The Academy provides residential facility to all its trainees and course participants. For Induction Training of regular recruits, the Academy has Ganga, Kaveri and Narmada hostels with double occupancy facility. These rooms are centrally-heated and furnished with television and telephone facility.

For participants in Mid Career Training Programme, residential accommodation is provided in the Silverwood, Mahanadi, Happy Valley and Valley View Executive Hostel with over 141 rooms. All hostels have common lounges with audio-visual equipment. The Executive Hostels are also equipped with modern laundromats and common recreational areas.

The Academy has Kalindi Guest House for visiting faculty. Rooms are also earmarked in Silverwood for other Guests.

Brahmputra Awas consists of Studio Apartments for fellows and adjunct faculty.

Silver Wood Hostel Valley View Hostel



GyanshilaThe Academy has four main office buildings, viz. Karmashila, Dhruvshila, Gyanshila and Aadharshila.

Karmashila was constructed in the year 1992 after a devastating fire destroyed large sections of the old Charleville hotel building. While Karmashila houses teaching classrooms, Library, Officers Mess and the Officers Lounge. Dhruvashila and Gyanshila houses offices of the Faculty as well as administrative staff.  Class rooms and Lecture Halls are also available in Gyanshila. Newly constructed Aadharshila building comprises of one Computer Hall and three Lecture Halls. For short-term courses and conferences/workshops the Academy has in addition to the facilities on the main campus, Indira Bhavan Complex, which is located at a distance of 1 km from the Main campus.

As the primary activity at the Academy is training, lecture rooms and auditoria are well-equipped with latest audio-visual facility along with facility for video-recording, video-conferencing.


MEDICAL CENTRE:Medical Centre - Medicine Counter

The Academy Medical Centre provides medical services to all the officer-trainees, faculty members, staff and their families. It is manned by a Chief Medical Officer, Senior Medical Officer, Visiting Specialist, Nursing and Para-Medical Staff. A Modern Pathology lab, X-Ray Unit, Dental, Physiotherapy Unit and a will equipped emergency ward are a part of the Medical Centre. Serious cases are referred to the hospitals either in Mussoorie or Dehradun. The society for social services also runs a free Homeopathic Dispensary near Happy Valley in the Academy Premises.

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The institute has a computer section which is actively involved in clinical data processing, and accounting. It has high speed Internet connection from National Knowledge Network (NKN), and also an advanced software packages to assist officer trainees in respect of training. This section is strengthened by e-office,in house E-mail facility, Campus Wi-Fi and other advanced softwares which are functioning in different sections of the campus



The Officers’ Mess in the premises of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, is a sacred institution. It is a place where cultures, traditions, practices and beliefs converge through a variety of cuisines. This institution endlessly fosters and nurtures the spirit of universal brotherhood and fraternity amongst the probationers. The Mess has a mandate to achieve the highest standards in terms of decorum, conduct and services. Every probationer is an integral part of this institution.

The Officers’ Mess is run by the probationers. The members of the mess committee are from amongst the family of probationers. The mess committee consists of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and five other members, who take upon themselves the unquestioned duty to boost the underlying philosophy of esprit-de-corps.

The Mess Committee functions under the overall guidance and supervision of the Director’s Nominee of the Officers’ Mess. The Mess is assisted by a full time Mess Manager, Accountant, Store Keeper, and Supervisors. The strength of this institution is the employees of the Officers’ Mess which include cooks, helpers, table bearers, room bearers, sweepers and, dishwashers.

The Mess Committee has the mandate to organize formal and informal get together either as an independent entity or in association with other clubs and societies. The mess Committee has a prime duty cast upon themselves in terms of celebration of such days, occasions and, festivals which reflect various hues and colours of the Great Nation.

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