1. The Centre is involved in conducting research-oriented studies and findings of the research studies are useful for formulating policy. In the area of land reforms an extensive study covering census like survey has been conducted in the state of Bihar related to caste-class violence in the context of land ownership and inequality their upon. The important part of the study is to examine cases of absentee landlordism and a formulation of a policy to distribute the lands of absentee landlords among the landless class.
2. Prevailing tenancy situation in many states is in favour of rich farmers. So the Centre with an intention to study the types of tenancies, rent system and castewise prevalence of tenancy in Uttar Pradesh State, has conducted field based survey. The draft report of tenancy situation in Uttar Pradesh has been already prepared and sent to an expert for comments.
3. The Centre has prepared course material for the Officer Trainees on Land Reforms.