Seed Fund for Innovative Community Livelihood Initiative

The Centre for Cooperatives & Livelihood (CCL) has collaborated with DiG-FAC (Officer Trainees of 2021 Batch), and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. (NAFED), New Delhi to promote the development of new products that are specific to the districts within the state . The objective of this collaboration is to create marketing opportunities for rural artisans and to promote the development of product(s) specific to the district(s) within the state, by bringing together the expertise of LBSNAA, the marketing skills of NAFED, and the knowledge and experience of the State Government. The platform also enables for officer trainees to engage in field research and district governance activities related to development of cooperatives and group livelihood projects. 

Under the Livelihood Project Assignment, the centre has provided seed funding to 14 social enterprises that have empowered the marginalised communities and generated relevant employment in the respective regions in different areas. The details of which are given below:-