The main objective of the Centre for Cooperatives and Livelihoods (CCL) is to sensitize and train the IAS Officer Trainees and Civil Servants from various cadres about the potentials and prospects of the Cooperative and livelihoods sector in India, to facilitate research and studies in Cooperative and Livelihood sector. Specifically, the Centre has been established to set up for achieving the following objectives:

1) Disseminating Thought Leadership and Knowledge:
i.To organize seminars, workshops, consultations, and other similar activities in the cooperatives and livelihoods sector.
ii.To publish research papers, articles, journals, books, etc. for dissemination of research and state of art knowledge in the cooperatives and livelihoods sector.
2) Training and Skill Enhancement: To design and deliver training programs to Officer Trainees of the IAS and mid-career civil servants, as well as other stakeholders in the relevant areas. 
3) Promoting Policy Research through Publication and Collaborations:
i.To undertake consultancy assignments in the cooperatives and livelihoods sector.
ii.To co-operate/ build alliances with educational or other institutions in any part of the world by exchange of faculty, scholars, and generally in such manner as may be conducive to their common objects.
iii.To establish a network with other research and/or training institutions for the exchange of information/documents and publication in the cooperatives and livelihoods sector.
4) Facilitating information and Insights to the Government:
i.To create a partnership, affiliation, and other classes of professional or honorary or technical membership or office as the Society may consider necessary to further the objects.
ii.To provide the necessary dataset, ideas, experiences to the concerned Ministry or government agency for policy initiatives or policy change.
5) Other Activities: Any other activity that is required to be done for furtherance of the objects of the Society.