Club and Societies

All-round development of the personality of the Officer Trainees is the prime objective of training in the Academy. The trainees in the Academy are encouraged to lead a rich and varied campus life.

Whilst at the Academy, Officer-Trainees engage themselves in indoor and outdoor activities through Clubs and Societies. The Office-bearers of these Clubs and Societies are elected by the Officer-Trainees, under the overall guidance of Director’s Nominees. At the end of the course, the Officer Trainees are evaluated for their participation in the activities of various Clubs and Societies as part of Director’s Assessment.

Activities of the Clubs and Societies provide an excellent medium to the Officer Trainees for self-expression and development. Officer Trainees generate activities which are not only entertaining but also enrich the campus life of the Academy. All the Officer-Trainees are expected to participate actively and make full use of the facilities according to their taste and disposition. At times, these Clubs & Societies collaborate to conduct joint activities.

The Director’s Nominee/ Associate Director’s Nominees provide necessary guidance and assistance in the running of Clubs and Societies.  Faculty members and their families are invited to join the Officer Trainees in all such activities. The Clubs and Societies are provided with annual and bi-annual grants-in-aid in addition to the fund they receive through membership fees.

The various clubs and societies in the Academy include:

  1. Alumni Association
  2. House Journal Society
  3. Kangchenjunga House
  4. Namcha Barwa House
  5. Nanda Devi House
  6. Officers' Mess
  7. Society for Social Service
  8. Stok Kangri House
Last Updated:08-04-2024