IT Services

The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) uses Information Technology solutions for most of its critical processes. LBSNAA has a fully networked campus. It relies on IT for its training and administrative needs. The main components of IT infrastructure at LBSNAA are:

1. Training Management Software (SARGAM): Providing a common platform for all training, administrative & employee centric services. SARGAM was implemented in 2014. The following activities are done through SARGAM:

i. Academic Management: Academy's teaching/ learning process, program management and course curriculum.

ii. Online Repository of the course related content including Power Point presentations and reading material.

iii. Trainee Officers’ Management: Officer Trainees Data management.

iv. Academic Schedule Management: Display of individual timetables and complete timetable.

v. Trainee Officers’ Feedback Management: Feedback on sessions is given through the sessional feedback link available. This improves the academic input to the Officer Trainees.

vi. Attendance Management: Complete and comprehensive Attendance Management system for students integrated with timetable and feedback.

vii. Memo/Disciplinary Action: Disciplinary process involving Officers’ and their responses are handled online.

viii. Event Management: Managing all events, enrolment for events, publishing results of events etc.

ix. Club & Society election process: The election process of various clubs and societies is managed online.

x. Trainee Officers’ portal: 360 degree view of Trainee Officers is generated using data from this portal. The consolidated report is used for Directors' assessment.

xi. Notices: All notices are circulated through the portal to Faculty, Staff and the Officer Trainees.

xii. Communication: Communication among fellow OTs and other officers and staff.

xiii. Complaint management: Facility for logging of complains by faculty/staff and Officer Trainees relating to various sections (Civil, Electrical, Computers).

xiv. Online checking of all the assignments submitted by the Officer Trainees during District Training.

2. E-Office: This provides a common platform for all employee centric services with total transparency. The e-Office was implemented in 2012 to ensure convenience, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and greater accountability. It provides for electronic processing of files and receipts; personnel information management; an Online Repository of documents, flexi-time work and a unified platform for information sharing.

3. Online Examination and Evaluation System: LBSNAA uses Online Examination System for performance evaluation of Officer Trainees. It ensures faster grading and reporting. The Online Examination System (OES), which is a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based examination system was started in 2015. It provides results summary to both student and test conductor thereby facilitating analysis of performance for a large number of officer trainees.

4. Wi-fi Campus: The Wireless LAN has been set up in such a way that it provides seamless mobility from one hotspot to another without losing connection or signal strength.

5. Group email facility: All the Faculty/Officer Trainees and Staff have been provided the official e-mail ID with group E-mail facility.

6. Centralized SMS Gateway: Centralized SMS facility circulates information about events and activities to all the Faculty/Officer Trainees and Staff.

7. Live Video Streaming through dashboard: Live feed of the classroom can be telecast to any location connected through Internet Protocol (IP). All the class rooms in LBSNAA have live-streaming cameras so that the faculty members can view the classes sitting in their offices.

8. Video Conferencing Facility: LBSNAA has well-equipped class rooms and Conference halls with Video-Conferencing systems. This is used for classes and other official meetings. Internet Connectivity under National Knowledge Network (NKN) of 1 Gbps is being utilized for this.

9. Plagiarism Checking Facility: Officer Trainees and participants of various courses have to submit assignments as a part of their course. LBSNAA uses online software (turnitin) to check the assignment for plagiarism. The marking is done based on the similarity index of the plagiarism checking software.

10. Cyber Security – LBSNAA interacts with CERT-in (The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India) to ensure IT security.

Hands-on experience on Computers is a major input. Officer trainees are exposed to the latest in computer technology. The NIC Training Unit, LBSNAA, provides Information and Communication Technology inputs to officers of All India Services during the training programmes conducted at the Academy.

The officers are also being trained in Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) modules.

Last Updated:08-04-2024