Inter Service Meet

SANGAM, the Inter-Services Meet, is an entertaining, exhilarating and a stimulating 3-4 day endeavour by the varied civil servants of India, in order to foster inter-service camaraderie and esprit de corps. The divisions of their professional spheres are bridged by bringing them together and encouraging interactions across the service boundaries. Various Civil Service Training Academies, located across the nation, send their talented and accomplished representatives to compete in the events forming part of SANGAM. From taxmen to policemen, administrators to foresters, this event allows a kaleidoscope of professionals to inter-mingle and sportingly contest their mettle on a common platform.

SANGAM was born in 2014 due to the efforts of the I.A.S. Officer Trainees of the 2013 Batch. From Quiz to Sports to Cultural performances, SANGAM attempts to showcase talents in all fields of human activity. The IAS Officer-Trainees host their fellow Civil Service Trainees from other Academies, in their own rooms, to build and renew bonds.


Last Updated:01-09-2021