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We are a premier institution of the country for training of All India and Group A Central Civil Services. The Academy has a beautiful lush green campus against the backdrop of the Himalaya. It houses the Gandhi Smriti Library, a historical photo gallery, the Academic and Official blocks.

The Academy encourages educational tours by research scholars and students of high school and above from different institutions as such tours inspire young minds to excel and to choose Civil Services as a career. The academy also encourages government institutions and other training institutions to conduct tours of their officers or participants.

In order to process of prior approval for any such tour, we have provided an online mechanism of application. We expect the visiting institutions to apply for a tour at least 15 days in advance of the date of the proposed tour. It gives us time to process the request. This also ensures that these tours do not interfere with the official programs of the Academy and/or with the security of the Academy. We reserve the right to accept or reject any request.

Any query in this context may be addressed to the email (security[dot]lbsnaa[at]gov[dot]in/adminsec[dot]lbsnaa[at]nic[dot]in) or landline number (0135-2222335/2222293) during working hours from Monday to Friday.

Last Updated:07-05-2024