Sports Facilities

The Officers Club of the Academy manages sports and games facilities. Sports facilities are available at three places: Polo Ground, Happy Valley and the Hostels. Details are given below:

1. Main Sports and Games facilities are available in Happy Valley Sports Complex. These include three synthetic layer tennis courts; three Badminton courts (two with wooden surface & one with synthetic surface); two Squash courts; one Gymasium hall with excellent aerobic and strength training machines; one yoga hall and two Table Tennis tables. Heated swimming pool is under construction and will be ready for use during FC. The Happy Valley Ground also has a football/cricket ground and volley ball court.

2. After one week of morning PT at Happy Valley grounds to enable acclimatisation, the OTs will be going to the Polo Ground for daily morning exercises. A 200 meter synthetic track is under construction at the Polo Ground which is likely to be completed before the Athletic Meet scheduled to be held in mid-November 2018.

3. In addition to facilities mentioned above, various lounges in Hostels also have board game and recreation facilities.

4. Academy believes in self-discipline and adherence to the rules while using all facilities. Officer’s Club will provide racquet and shuttle/balls for various racquet games.

5. Only non-marking shoes are allowed inside badminton courts and squash courts. If you wish to play these games, please buy suitable shoes with non-marking translucent soles.

6. The Officer’s Club also provides coaching by SAI Coaches for badminton and tennis. You are encouraged to use these facilities.

Sports Complex in Happy Valley Gymnasium
Table Tennis Sports Complex


Last Updated:21-12-2022