Phase-III: IAS officers with 7-9 years of seniority (4 Weeks)

The Phase III programme, introduced in 2007 by the Government of India is the first in the series of the Mid-Career Training Programmes. It is the most important, as, it is the first major programme that the Officer participant would be attending after induction level training. It marks a key inflection point when an IAS officer makes a transition from field administration to higher level responsibilities as Head of Department at the State level and Deputy Secretary / Director in the Government of India with the mandate to ensure qualitative improvement in delivery of services in the larger context.


  1. To equip officers with tools, skills and knowledge that will help them achieve “excellence in implementation” of programmes.
  2. To design and implement BPR in Government and leveraging IT to improve public service delivery.
  3. To strengthen communication, inter personal and team building skills and appreciate the centrality of values in governance.
  4. To learn about efficient service delivery in specific sectors from experiences across States.


This course was initially for six weeks. It has now been reduced to four weeks.

 Course design

The Phase III prepares the Officers to meet the current challenges as also the ones s/he is likely to encounter in the coming six to eight years of service. The focus of program is on “Excellence in Implementation”. The programme is geared towards equipping the officers in the skills of Project Appraisal, Negotiation, use of IT for improving service delivery and Leadership. The participants are exposed to the tools of Public Private Partnership, Communication and economic concepts. The Officer participants are required to submit a Case Study based on their own experience.

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