Community Engagement: Society for Social Service

The Academy, mainly through the in-house Society for Social Service (SSS), is engaged in carrying out various activities for community engagement. Under the guidance of the Director and the Director’s nominee, the Society undertakes several initiatives to take care of the workers of the academy and the residents of the local community.

1. Lalita Shastri Balwadi School:  The Society for Social Services runs an in-house Balwadi for the children of staff and workers of the Academy.

2. Free Homeopathic Dispensary: The society runs a free Homeopathic Dispensary for the staff and residents of the locality.

3. Blood Donation Camp:  The society conducts regular blood-donation camps in cooperation with district hospital.

4. Weekly Health Clinic: A bi-weekly health clinic is organised in the Community Centre of the Academy, where the doctor Officer Trainees conduct OPDs and provide free medicines.  

5. Scholarship Distribution:  The Society provides scholarships to eligible students identified by the Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya and the Principal of Lalita Shastri Balwadi for their education in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

6Career Counselling:  Under this initiative, Officer Trainees visit various schools in Mussoorie to offer career counselling to students.

7.Shramdaan: The Officer Trainees and participants of MCTP conduct regular Shramdaan, which involves such activities as plantation drives, waste management and Swachchta Abhiyaan.

8. Other Initiatives: Among other activities, health camps have been organized for rickshaw pullers, coolies and sanitation workers of Mussoorie besides for people in nearby villages. In 1995, the Academy led an initiative to donate cycle rickshaws to rickshaw pullers, who were till then using hand-pulled rickshaws.

The Society raises funds for its activity through donation from participants of different courses in the Academy.

Evening classes for children Weekly Heath Clinic
Health Camp Blood Donation Camp


Last Updated:12-09-2023