Induction Training (For Promoted IAS Officers)

Induction Training for officers of the State Civil Services promoted to the IAS (6 Weeks)

 The Academy also conducts the Induction training programme for officers promoted to the IAS from the State Civil Services. The Induction Training Programme is an important milestone as State Service Officers enter a new phase in their career. The wider role that they are called upon to play in the governance and administration of the nation calls for realignment of attitudes, refinement of skills as well as widening of perspective. This course is of six weeks duration, comprising of four weeks of classroom sessions followed by one week of Bharat Darshan and one-week long foreign study tour.

The Course design bears the following objectives:

1. Better understand the all India nature of Administrative services and develop an All India perspective on the working of public administration and macro-economy of the country.

2. Be better equipped to handle their assignments with the knowledge of latest policies and programmes in various sectors as well as learnings from experiences of the fellow participants.

3. Be able to apply the principles of collaborative working and leadership and negotiations in their work setting.

Their rich state-specific administrative experience is sought to be leveraged through cross-learning of best practices and learning enhanced through training & exposure to best examples of good governance.  Inputs are given in Economics, Management, Public Administration and contemporary affairs.  The Course is also designed to equip the Officer participants with the latest set of tools of Information Communication Technology and evidence in policy making to facilitate informed and quick decisions, rather than decisions based on gut feeling.

Officers are taken on a tour of premier institutions in the country to expose them to the All India character of the Service. Included is a one-week long Foreign Study Tour to get a first-hand understanding of the best practices in policy formulation, governance and working of institutions in other countries.

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