Mission Statement

“We seek to promote good governance by providing quality training towards building a professional and responsive civil service in a caring, ethical and transparent framework.”



Be consistent in your thoughts, words and actions which will make you trustworthy. Have courage of conviction and always speak the truth to even the most powerful, without fear. Never ever tolerate any degree of corruption, be it in cash, kind or intellectual.


Embrace diversity of caste, religion, colour, gender, age, language, region, ideology and socio-economic status. Reach out to all with humility and empathy. Be emotionally stable; grow with confidence and without arrogance.


Be judicious and apolitical in your approach; be professional and completely committed to your job with a bias for action and results; and continuously pursue improvement and excellence.


Collaborate in thoughts and actions by engaging deeply with all to evolve consensus. Encourage others, promote team spirit and be open to learning from others. Take initiative and own responsibility.


Be humane in your approach while dealing with people; be the voice of the underprivileged and be proactive in addressing any injustice against them. You can achieve success in this endeavour if you act with integrity, respect, professionalism and collaboration.

Remember Sardar Patel’s exhortation "It is your duty to serve the people of our country to the best of your ability. Be fair, be polite and firm, prepare yourself well for the job in hand, and complete it successfully."

Last Updated:18-10-2019