Sports, Athletic Meet & Outdoor

Attainment of physical fitness is an essential element of an officer’s personality development. The course seeks to usher Officer Trainee into the world of physical fitness with a view to ensure that it becomes an inseparable part of their daily routine for the rest of their life. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” should be the guiding motto of their wellness regime hereafter.

There are several outdoor activities as part of the course inputs.  The day begins with compulsory Physical Training and Jogging in the morning. Officer Trainees have the opportunity to play various games and avail of the facilities of a well-equipped gymnasium in the evening. Officer Trainees are required to participate in a two-day Athletics Meet wherein they get a chance to display their athletic prowess.  Officer Trainees have to compulsorily participate in adventure sports like river-rafting, rock climbing, para-sailing along with visits to national parks etc. Officer Trainees have to go for a compulsory trek in the higher Himalayas for about 10 days. There are short treks in and around Mussoorie both for the purpose of trek-conditioning and also to familiarize the Officer Trainees with the surrounding environment. Officer Trainees are required to participate in an extra-curricular module, where trainees pick up skills such as photography, games, unarmed combat, Music etc.


Last Updated:01-09-2021