Phase-V: IAS Officers with 26-28 years seniority (3 Weeks)

Phase V Programme is the last major training programme in the series of a three phase MCTP.  It comes at a point when the Officers are occupying assignments and positions which have the maximum potential to bring about a qualitative improvement in the process of policy formulation and their implementation.


  1. Develop a sound appreciation of strategic management in government to cope with future challenges.
  2. Understand  the  nuances  of  public  policy,  ethics  and  regulation  relevant  for  policy formulation and implementation.
  3. Appreciate the policy challenges facing the government in key sectors and their inter- relationship.
  4. Acquire better understanding of leadership and negotiation skills.


The duration of the course is three weeks.

Course design

Its design focuses on strategic management in government along with public policy and regulation. The Academy inputs are also delivered on Governance, Political economy, Economic Development, Public Finance, Foreign Policy, Trade, Environment, Energy. The interactive lecture sessions are delivered by eminent guest speakers, policymakers and practitioners drawn from India and abroad.

The Officer participants are required to submit a Policy Paper/Syndicate Report based on their experience.

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