Phase - IV: IAS Officers with 14-16 years seniority (3 Weeks 1 Week FST)

The Phase IV marks the point when an IAS officer makes a significant transition from implementation roles to those in policy formulation. The positions that s/he will occupy in the next decade will have a great potential to influence policy outcomes and bring about qualitative improvement in the lives of our citizens.


  1. Appreciate the role of political economy and institutions in public policy and governance.
  2. Understand the process of public policy formulation, analysis, implementation and evaluation.
  3. Apply tools of policy analysis to better understand and solve policy problems.
  4. Strengthen individual leadership and negotiation skills.


The duration of the course is four weeks.

Course design

The Mid-Career Training Programme is driven by the participants rather than the faculty. In that sense, formal training only makes the learning process more planned and focused. The principal objective of the programme is to provide training in a peer-group situation and to prepare one for the next higher level of responsibilities.

 The objectives set out above are achieved through a mix of lectures, case studies, discussions, individual assignments and syndicate work. The focus is on understanding public policy in India, enhancing the hard and soft skills of the participants, providing policy updates in key sectors and reflecting on emerging trends that shape the world of the IAS in the future.

 The Officer participants are required to submit a Case Study/Policy Paper based on their own experience.

Foreign Study Tour FST

 The foreign study component is one-week long and consists of classroom sessions as well as site visits and interaction with practitioners to enable participants to consolidate learnings and acquire better appreciation of process of governance in the country of destination.

Current Courses:

18th Round of MCTP Phase-IV

Course Date: 18 June, 2024 to 13 July, 2024

Archived Courses: