Library Facility

The Gandhi Smriti Library of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) is a modern and well-equipped Library. It is handy for Research Scholars, Faculty and Participants of training courses. On 23rd May 1984, a fire burnt it down with some 1.6 lac books. Only some 8000 books survived. They were used to start the new library in a temporary location.

In order to replenish the library, the private collection of Mr. P.K. Jain’s Gyanlok Research Center, Dehradun was purchased by LBSNAA. This collection on economic, social religious, philosophical, cultural and political history of India and the world had been collected by Mr. Jain over forty years. A total of 29000 books were purchased, and are kept in the library as the GYANLOK section. This houses old Gazetteers, manuals, Guide-books, yearly reference works, census material (dating as early as 1889), official reports, reserve bank surveys and other reports, Administrative reports and histories, constitutional and parliamentary papers and compilation in book form of day-to-day historical events.

Gandhi Smriti Library is a “RFID enabled Automated Library” with an access to enormous number of information sources. It has 1,87,485 documents, including books- 1,60,734 bound volumes of journals; 8679, audio cassettes;2109, video-cassettes; 1708 and CDs/DVDs; 7996 (lecture recordings, documentaries, movies in different languages and digitized rare and old books – 6259). The Library subscribes to Newspapers (30), Magazines (84), Foreign Journals (10), Indian Journals (84) and e-Journals (28). A separate collection of documents on and by Mahatma Gandhi is maintained in a section called "Gandhiana". A collection of books written by Civil Service Officers forms a separate section in the library.

It has a rich collection of digital content, that is placed in the following three portals and readily available for the users within and outside the campus.

  1. Digital Archives Portal – contains digitized rare books (copyrights free) from the Gyanlok Collection.
  2. LBSNAA DSpace Repository – All the video lectures and power point presentations delivered by faculty members and experts during various training programmes are being uploaded in this repository.
  3. E-resources (through Sargam portal; contains all e-databases (EBSCO, IndiaStat, Database of Indian Economy, SAGE, JSTOR, Manupatra), e-journals and OPAC (Online  Public  Access  Catalogue),  INDCAT  (Online  Online  Union  Catalouge  of Indian Universities(INDCAT) and National Digital Library portal (NDL). These resources can be searched from a single search option provided by FedGate. Since 2016, remote access facility for the e-resources has been provided to all officers who have undergone training at LBSNAA. These resources are used by participant officers on various course assignments and dissertation work.

Documentation Section -

The following services are being given on a regular basis:

  1. Editorials : A Compendium- a Weekly Bulletin ( Special Bulletin released on Demonetization)
  2. Samiksha- A Monthly Bulletin (Book Review)
  3. Abstracts on Specific Topics- A Monthly Bulletin

The Library is member of following organizations:

  1. Developing Library Network (DELNET)
  2. Indian Library Association (ILA)
  3. Indian Association of Special Libraries Information Centres (IASLIC)


  On working days during the course: 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

On Saturday’s, Sunday’s and holidays: 09:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Non course duration: 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM



Last Updated:12-06-2023