The Backdrop

In a dynamic and increasingly interconnected world, professional development is the sine qua non for leadership and a successful career in public service. The capability to become instruments of change requires intense curiosity and willingness to explore, depth of knowledge, specific skill sets and strength of character to translate vision into action.

Looking at the balance sheet of India’s tryst with democracy and development during the past six decades, the picture that emerges is rather mixed. While the higher Civil Services, by and large have lived up to the vision of our founding fathers in institutionalizing democracy, a lot remains to be done.

The challenge before us is to craft an open, responsive, effective and vibrant public administrative system by injecting professionalism, skills, competencies and right attitudes amongst its member. This can only be achieved through quality training aimed at creating officers with depth of character, breadth of vision and requisite skills to deliver on the tasks bestowed on them.

The Training Programmes

The Academy offers a variety programmes, all of which have been developed based on a detailed training needs assessment and appraisal. Details of the major training programms conducted by the Academy are given below:

Induction Training

The Academy conducts the following Induction training programmes:

  1. Induction Training for the Direct Recruits
  2. Induction Training for officers of the State Civil Services promoted to the IAS

Mid-Career Training Programs (MCTP) for IAS Officers

 The Academy conducts following MCTP training:

  1. Phase-III
  2. Phase-IV
  3. Phase-V
Last Updated:30-10-2019