Common Mid Career Training Programme

CMCTP: All India Services and Central Group A’ Officers with 20 years of Seniority (1 Week)

The Common MCTP aims at bringing together officers from different services who head/will go on to head important government organization with the aim of enhancing each one’s leadership capacities. This programme strives towards instilling a sense of national pride, mission & camaraderie among its participants which will enable all to lead their teams to learn, build & deliver on national aspirations & goals.


  1. Discovers and enhance next level leadership capacities;
  2. Strengthen the common understanding of national aspirations and challenges;
  3. Bring a stronger collaborative work  ethic in their official functioning;
  4. Ensure citizen centric efficient service delivery  of the highest standard.


This duration of the course is one week.

Course Design

The Course Curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the competency framework for civil servants. It is molded on the premise that the respective services’ Mid-Career Training Programmes already give inputs for the domain based competencies and that need not be reiterated. Given the aim and objective of building a common vision and collaborative civil services which shall be single mindedly focused on achieving  national goals and meeting citizens aspirations with efficiency and sensitivity, this course is designed to build behavioral competencies to this end.

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