Documents of Accounts

Documents Held - Accounts

Following documents are being maintained in Accounts Section:

  • Pay Bill Registers.
  • Personal Files in respect of Officers/Employees (Accounts matter) & Non-plan/Plan Budget files/ files relating to sanction of various advances.
  • T.A. Bill Registers
  • Medical Bill Registers
  • Contingent Bill Registers
  • G.P.F. Ledger in respect of Group 'D' Employees
  • Cheque Registers
  • P.D. Account Registers.
  • Contingent Advance Register
  • House Building Advance/Scooter Ad vance/MCA Advance Registers
  • Children Education Reimbursement Register.
  • T.D.S Register
  • Suspense Accounts Registers of OTS.
  • Telephone Bill Register.
  • Expenditure Register (Plan Revenue)
  • Cash Book
  • Expenditure Control Register (Plan/Non-Plan)
  • Draw and disbursement Register
  • O.T.A. bill Register
  • Guard File