Documents of Administration

Documents Held - Administration

Following documents are being maintained in Administration Section:

  • Gradation Register
  • Misc. Expenditure Register
  • Service Books of the Officers and the employees
  • Joining and Relieving Register
  • Increment Register for Group `C’ & `D’ Staff
  • Confidential Reports of the Officers, Staff and Probationers
  • O.T.A. Claim Register
  • Roster of Reservation for SC/ST/OBC
  • Guard File
  • Personal files of Officers, staff and Probationers
  • Assumption of Charge Reports and Relinquishment of Charge Reports
  • Surety Bond
  • Close relation
  • Oath
  • Movable & Immovable Property Return
  • Home Town Declaration
  • Marriage Declaration
  • Dowry Declaration