Procedure in Decision Making - Accounts

S.No. Type of Cases Channel of Submission Level of Final Disposal
1. All Pay Bills DA/JAO AO (A/c's)
2. TA/LTC Bills of Faculty & ACM AO (A/c's) DDS (Admin)
3. TA/LTC/Medical Bills of Group B,C&D AO (A/c's) DDS (Accounts)
4. Contingent Bill DA/JAO AO (Accounts)
5. GPF Final AO (A/c's) PAO, Delhi
6. GPF Advanace AO (A/c's) Head of office
7. Cheque AO (A/cs) DDS
8. PD A/c Payment DA AO (A/c's)
9. HBA/Scooter/MCA etc. AO (A/c's) PAO, Delhi
10. Children Education Reimbursement AO (A/c's) Head of office
11. Festival/Cycle Advances etc. AO (A/c's) Head of office
12. Telephone Bills DA AO (A/c's)
13. Cash Book Cashier AO (A/c's)
14. Expenditure Control AO (A/cs) Director
15. OTA/Night Duty etc. DA AO (A/c's)
16. Advances AO (A/cs) DDS
17. Receipts/Recoveries etc. Cashier AO (A/c's)
18. Budget AO (A/c's)/Dy. Director (Sr.) incharge DoPT
19. Suspense Account DA AO (A/c's)
20. TA/Medical advances etc. AO (A/c's) Dy. Director (Sr.) incharge