Controller of Examinations

Procedure in Decision Making - Controller of Examinations

S.No. Type of Cases Channel of Submission Level of Final Disposal
1. UPSC (Main Examination) Results A.C.O.E. C.O.E.
2. Foundation Course-General File - C.O.E.
3. F.C. Tabulation Sheet ACOE/COE JD/Director
4. F.C. Marks – Sheet - COE
5. Foundation Course –Director’s Assessments (Recd. From Trg.II) - COE
6. I.A.S. Professional Course – General ACOE COE
7. I.A.S. Professional Course - Tabulation Sheet ACOE/COE JD/Director
8. I.A.S. Professional Course - Mark-Sheet - COE
9. I.A.S. Professional Course - Director's Assessment - COE
10. I.A.S. Professional Course – Assessment - COE
11. Results - Mark-sheets (F.C./Phase-I/Phase-II ACOE COE
12. Inter-se-Seniority Phase-II COE/CC-Phase-II /JD/ Director DOPT
(A)  Foundation Course
13. Director's Medal/Trophy for Best All-around records COE JD/Director
14. Director's Gold Medal/Certificate for Highest Marks in Economics/Public Administration/Law/Political Concepts & Constitution of India/History/ Management/Computer and Hindi COE JD/Director
15. Esprit -de-Corps Award (Gold/Silver/Bronze) ACOE COE
16. Dr.L.M.Singhi Prize (For the Best Essay on Human Rights) ACOE COE
17. Director's Running Shield (For the Best Syndicate Group Reports) - COE
18. Communal Harmony Essay for best three entries - COE
19. Sanjoy Bagchi Medal for IAS Topper in UPSC Examination was instituted by Shri Sanjay Bagchi, IAS (Retd.) from 2005 ACOE COE
(B)  Phase-I
20. Subjects wise Award
21. Golden Jubilee Reunion Award was Instituted by Shri C.N.Penn Anthon, IAS (Retd.W.B.) on behalf of the IAS Officers of 1953 batch. - COE
(C) Phase-II
22. First in order of Merit (Shield) ACOE/COE JD/Director
23. L.V. Reddy Memorial Awards - COE
24. Ashok Bambawale Memorial Award ACOE/COE JD/Director
25. Subhash Dua Memorial Gold Medal Award ACOE/COE JD/Director
26. G.Krishna Memorial Award (Shield) - COE
(D) Other Documents
27. Amendment of IAS Probation Rules, 1954 COE/JD/Director DOPT
28. Departmental Examinations - COE
29. Re-Examination COE JD/Director
30. Policy Decision COE JD/Director
31. Rates of Honorarium/Fees during the Examinations Duties - COE
32. Personal file of representation by Probationers COE JD/Director
33. Certificates (others) COE JD/Director