Procedure in Decision Making - Estate Section

S.No. Type of Cases Channel of Submission Level of Final Disposal
1. Acquisition of Properties AAO/AD/DDS(Estate)/JD Director
2. Court Cases relating to Estate section. AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
3. Major and Minor works and related Correspondence with CPWD Authorities. AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
4. Purchase of diesel for generator sets/Hot water boiler AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
5. Engagement of contract labour AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
6. Preparation of Annual budget relating to Estate Section. AAO/AD DDS(Estate)
7. Correspondence with Forest Deptt. regarding cutting of dry trees. AAO/AD DDS(Estate)
8. Correspondence with City Board and Garhwal Jal Sansthan AAO/AD DDS(Estate)
9. Electric and Water Charges bills. AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
10. Issue of Entry Passes AAO/AD DDS(Estate)
11. Audit objections related to Estate Section matters AAO/AD DDS(Estate)
12. Allotment of Office,Residential accommodation and Garage for officers. AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director
13. Allotment of Shops. AAO/AD/DDS(Estate) /JD Director