Norms set for the discharge of functions

"In order to provide information under Right to Information Act which is under the control of public authorities and in order to promote transparency and accountability,  the following norms are set to ensure access of  information to the citizens."

  1. The norms set by the Right to Information Act are taken in account to provide information to the citizen.
  2. An applicant directly making request to Public Information Officer to obtain information related to the Official records i.e. documents, manu, file, document produced by computer.
  3. A receipt of deposit of Rs. 10.00 in favour of Director, LBSNAA should be enclosed with the application.
  4. The request is analyzed and forwarded to process the request to provide information to applicants with in stipulated time period.
  5. The relevant information is obtained from sections/unit concerned.
  6. The information obtained from sections/units is forwarded to the applicant.
  7. If the required information is provided in set of photocopy, a charges of Rs. 2.00 per copy is charged for as photocopy charges. On production of receipt of deposit, the requisite information is provided ot the applicant.