The manner of execution of subsidy programmes

The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amount allocated and the details of beneficiaries. Relevant information of rules & manner of execution of subsidy etc to be given by Mess/Accounts

Mess Subsidy is provided by the Government of India to the Officers' Mess @ Rs.1,000/- per Officer Trainee. This amount was fixed vide DOPT's Letter No. F. No. 13014/3/2004-Acad Desk Dated 10-12-2009.

The above-mentioned subsidy is provided to the Officer Trainees to meet the fixed establishment expenses incurred in the Mess in the form of salary to the mess employees, in addition to other overhead expenditure incurred in running the Mess Establishment. These amounts have been deposited in the Mess Establishment Fund.

  • Subsidy received during FY: 2007-08 Rs. 1,28,460.00
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2008-09 Rs. 2,42,716/=
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2009-10 Rs. 3,11,533/=
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2010-11 Rs. 15,17,972/=.
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2012-13 Rs. 16,24,919/=.
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2013-14 Rs. 08,52,342/=.
  • Subsidy received during FY: 2014-15 Rs. 12,51,670/=.
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2015-16 Rs. 28,45,256/=
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2016-17 Rs. 28,41,572/=
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2017-18 Rs. 38,00,000/=
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2018-19 Rs. 31,44,000/=
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2019-20 Rs. 20,00,000/=
  • Subsidy to Officers' Mess FY:2020-21 Rs. 20,00,000/=